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Review of Devlin Me

EP Review: Devilin Me – Self Titled

Posted on by Guy Shankland

Jesus Hooligan side project Devilin Me crackling with a dirty honesty that requires scrubbing with a wire brush to get the real-life stink off the skin. Opener ‘Devilin Me’ is a punch to the lungs from Bill Sikes while bullseye eats your lunch from unconscious hands. It’s Peaky Blinders poetry dredged from the bottom of the cut. ‘Ain’t Got Time For This’ resonates like Sleaford Mods going toe to toe with Ian Dury set against tribal a new age traveller drumming beat.

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Righteous Stick Video

Stephen Brunton and his crew have delivered a piece of modern folk that deserves to be heard far and wide.
It would be possible to think that given the ingredients for the dish which is 'Devilin Me' - drums, percussion, chains and voice, there would be a danger of it sounding the same throughout. Not in the least. The vocal style, rhythms and ambience are different on every track, it is poetic and passionate, challenging yet sentimental.

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Review of Stripped Bare Naked

Excellent review of Stripped Bare Naked here by Rahman the Writer
Imagine ‘Swordfishtrombones’-era Tom Waits conjoined to the Dropkick Murphys anarchic schtick and you’re only scratching the surface. The unifying USP is Hooligan’s voice. It is both rambunctious and rich:  full of character, there’s living and pain in there alright and I half expect to hear his crunching cadences coming from the mouth of a jumped- up mutineer in the next ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ film!