Natural Noise / Natural Chaos

Jesus Hooligan

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Stephen Brunton brings a new concept to life with Natural Noise, Natural Chaos. Music made by voice, feet, claps and snaps. The vocals are more than just singing, there are grunts, huffs and howls. The pack features a CD of Natural Noise and a DVD of the recording of Natural Noise at Ant Farm Studios and a live show - Natural Chaos - recorded at Club 85 in Hitchin 15/02/19 credits releases November 9, 2019

Jesus Hooligan members that appear on Natural Noise, Natural Chaos are: Emma & Paul Blackwood (anarchistwood) Karen Brunton Molde and Jax Chester Dave Croughan Ky Fawkes Arup Ghosh Sean Gurnett Dave Himbury Paul Magolis Rick Pistol Mark Plausin Simon Rumball Jason and Ann Sanders Adam Warwicker Steve White Debbie Wildish Louis Martin Yull

Natural Noise, Natural Chaos DVD filmed & Edited by Goat.

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    ESA 2:12
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    Say 1:07
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    Stay 2:08
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