Bug Central

New 10 inch from Bug Central

Bug Central are a punk band from London, England formed in 1996 with an original line up of Noodles Romanov (guitar / vocals), Ben Blasphemy (bass) and d.rummer, ex of early 80’s band The X-Cretas, on drums. They made one 8 track demo, some of which featured on BBP tape ‘punk is not enough’. They followed this with several more demos during the late 90s. Personel change over at the start of the millenium with Riff Raff on bass and Charlie Bug in the drum seat. In March 2002, the band recorded another 4 tracks released in Indonesia on a split release with Crashed Out from Depok. In 2008, Bug Central released a new album 'welcome to deadtown' on their own Stop Thief label. Since then they have been firmly ensconsed in the Grow Your Own fraternity releasing several EPs and albums.