Bug Central

Bug Central are a punk band from London, England who formed in 1996 with an original line up of Noodles Romanov (guitar / vocals), Ben Blasphemy (bass) and d.rummer, ex of early 80’s band the x-cretas, on drums. This line up did one 8 track demo, some of which has seen the light of day on the bbp tape ‘punk is not enough’. they followed this up with a 5 track demo and then did 2 more demos, one of which was coupled with their previous one to make the ‘spittin’ in your wishing well’ tape. At this point Ben left the band to be replaced by Paul Potts and they recorded the album ‘the meek will inherit nothing’ in 1999. Paul then left to be replaced by Riff Raff and the band recorded ‘money and riots’ in early 2000. Not long after recording the ‘money and riots’ ep, d.rummer left (later to join active slaughter) and Charlie Bug stepped in. In March 2002, the band recorded another 4 tracks which have only been released in Indonesia on a split release with Crashed Out from Depok. In 2008, Bug Central released a new album 'welcome to deadtown' on their own Stop Thief label. In 2009 Bug Central recorded a further 3 track for a split single which never came off.