Louder Than War Review

‘Anarchistwood seem to be the most bat-shit-crazy band left …’ said Ged Babey when LTW premiered their Bomb In a Luggage Rack video. Now the Anarcho-libertarian-art-hippy-fun Punks with an endless supply of grease-paint are back, with a bizarre epic video, with echoes of Kubrick, Jarman, Ken Russell, Lindsay Anderson and The Prisoner… set in their own nightmarish, psychedelic parallel world.  So much more than a ‘music video’, this is a hyperrealist, surrealist, subversive work of mischievous art.  Over to Mark Ray.

With the UK Parliament in a stagnation of chaos as MP’s cling to the legs of the Speaker like some silent film heroines and sing songs like Mel Gibson in full Braveheart mode, before being chauffeur-driven home with smug smiles on their faces, the time is perfect for a short film from those arch agent provocateur pranksters, Anarchistwood. The film, in association with Black Triangle, won the best Music Film at Portobello Film Festival 2018 and was a finalist at NanoCon International Film Festival 2019 and features Anarchistwood who play themselves alongside Jenny Runacre (Jubilee, The Witches), Sobriety Twist (Queen of Carnage, Nocioception), Sexton Ming (Pervirella), Jemma Freeman (from the band Jemma Freeman and the Cosmic Something) and Peter Kopinski.


Read More Here by Ged Babey and Mark Ray

The plot

Investigative journalist PETER KOPINSKI follows the CLOWN CATCHER (Sobriety Twist) on a daily capturing routine for the United State of England. Miscreants (anarchistwood) are delivered to Clowns Anonymous for help, but if that fails, sent to the Mosley Modification Unit for Wayward Clowns. Here, pioneering surgeon DOCTOR RAEF (Jenny Runacre) practices experimental conversion therapy.

Wholesome family life goes on for the Clown Catcher, WIFE (Sexton Ming) and family with home made meals in their non-clown life without any weird fantasies or dreams.

Clowns however are not enjoying the conversion therapy and a resistance army is forming to combat the State and the FEAR it enforces. This is discussed on cult show - Goodnight England by superstar host Jeff Freeman (Jemma Freeman.)