Punkvert & BTF VJing for Surya

Punkvert & BTF VJs

VJ funkcutter, (originally "Mad Knitter") was a stalwart of Triology, PEG parties, her own femi9product nights and guest performer at happening such as Fabric, The Warp Experience, Megatripolis. funkcutter became a monthly guest of the Reality Check collective at Turnmills in 2002. 

P Blackwood of Reality Check hosted Room 3 - the Lounge in Turnmills Thursdays to Sundays for seven years as resident DJ and VJ.

funkcutter rescued P Blackwood in 2003, rebranding them "candiflip blackwood" and punkvert was born. RIP Candi 2020.

VJing continues to present day but now with Stud at Black Triangle Films.

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funkcutter plays Triology at Trendz in 90s, with Panasonic MX30 photo by Ben Bayliss

VJing for The Frixion on their UK Tour Summer 2021 - this image from Electrowerkz - image by Kevin Stevens

RDF with punkvert VJs at Griffstock 2019

VJing at Convoy Cabaret in Bearded Theory 2023

visuals for Griffstock 2023

Visuals for Wendy Rae Fowler music video 2023

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