I am Meat

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High quality lyrical macabre; the freakish experiments in jazz are overlaid with spoken word of the beat-satire kind, with bass, sax, drums and spoken word. . "...quintessential English colonialist surreal humour in a Vivian Stanshall meets Diz Willis kind of way." - Idwal Fisher, 2011.

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Standing under the glare of hot white lights, a nervy young man stepped out on stage at an undisclosed North London pub to perform a 10 minute comedy set to an appreciative, captive audience. 

The nervy young man, otherwise known as David Gadsdon, said some awkward, anarchic things about recreational prescription drugs, Z-list celebrities, failed comic characters and the lack of water in his own body. 

After the applause had died down, David drank his bottle of water outside the pub in the rays of the dull moonlight. A member of the audience with ropey hair started to talk to him,  scaring him somewhat by repeating his full name ad nauseum. This man apparently hadn't heard of David Gadsdon before the performance and wanted to remember it.

The long haired man was Golland. Within a month Golland and Gadsdon had recorded Saint of Black Keys, Safari Nightlife, and Doom Radio v.1, a version now unreleased. There was talk of releasing an EP, but since David was legally crippled by the ignorance of releasing records, according to himself, that was put on the back burner. That soon changed and FIRST EDITION was released on Wilton Herne's label Multi Porpoise.

Gardyloo Spew headed the sound melodically with alto saxophone, in a riffy way, catchy and modal, and influenced by bird song. On the volatile but attentive drumming of Jonas Golland, vocalist David Gadsdon evolved from his days of performing panicky stand-up to his days performing panicky spoken word with surprising ease. Later the sound was galvanised further by the addition of the raw, punk-oriented bass of Cos Chapman. Thus I am Meat was born.

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