WACT! podcast

The Blackout Radio Show with Mike Pougounas

Sunday Synch on Soho Radio

members of anarchistwood interviewed by the Sunday Synch Show on Soho Radio about favourite film sound tracks - where do you begin? Where do you possibly end?

The Spinning Man

The Shend's musical hunter/gatherer schmorgasbord always has some delicious tidbits on the warbling bird table, anarchistwood have had a fair few plays on these broadcasts although on many occasions they fear their tracks are too long to fit the bill... This is the link to the Totally Radio shows in the picture above - you can also hear the shows from the source Podomatic.

Punkvert Radio

London based podcasts.  Featuring new music from across Terra Firma, with guests.
Presented by funkcutter, Jenny Runacre and L Blisset.
STOP THE PRESS … PLEASE!… New proposals in the music world … come forth and share your creativity … Send a press pack to L Blisset

Podcasts will be coming out on this page ...one day.


Rochester Institute of Technology Radio The Other Jeff plays anarchistwood on 21st October Show 12:00 - 14:00 EST


anarchistwood get several plays on Mike Watt and brother Matt's broadcasts - The Watt from Pedro Show - coming at you wild and wanton from San Pedro, California

NOT The Punk Rock Show

Not The Punk Rock Show Review of Dec 2016 - Dec 2017 PART ONE.... there's more?!!!!

More NOT Punk Rock with sounds glued together by anarchistwood with Sexton Ming as the intermission music. Fresh loud punk from Pizzatramp, Wonk Unit, Liquids and much much more....

NOT the Punk Rock Show play some smashing music of all kinds of punk, but cannot play entire The Nasty Album on the show due to tipper clit lickers - thank you so much for your kind words people - Join the Dots!

Dexter Bentley's Hello GoodBye Shows

Hello Goodbye Show 21/01/17 with anarchistwood & Bromide
Hello Goodbye Show - Best of 2016 part 1 of 3

Mary Finnigan, Stanley Bad, Raf & O, now, The Notorious PRG and more...

Hello Goodbye Show - Best of 2016 part 2 of 3

anarchistwood, EP/64, Las Kellies, Unstoppable Achievers, Spizz Energi, Keshko and many more

Hello Goodbye Show - Best of 2016 part 3 of 3

A. J. Dehany, No Cars + More
Check out all the parts to get the Full Bowie 'The Day Before' Experience on this fab set of podcasts from Dexter Bentley

Hannas Barber on Punkvert Radio

Hannas Barber

Electronica jam from Hannas Barber, originally broadcast live on Punkvert Radio, on pulseradio.net. Bleeps, thumps and balloons!

Label / Recorded by punkvert

The first contribution from the Punkvert Radio archives. This show ran on pluseradio.net in spring/summer 2005. Finally abandoning ship when the station became a pre-recorded station only. This raised questions of censorship and 'product placement' in the introduction of station-orientated play lists.

The most enjoyable factor of the show, was the live element, which was at least 50% of the shows. This first contribution to the archive features a live set from Hannas Barber, an experimental electronica trio hailing from Leeds, Glasgow and London. Combining ambulance, post-punk ethics with a electronica mash-up, plus a dashing of nitrous oxide for good measure, the set was most enjoyable to experience live.


Hannas Barber- 'Hannas Yard' Dalriada Records Hannas Barber- 'Don't buy the Sun' Instant Action Object

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