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With a background in VJing and visual installation punkvert made their first narrative film piece 'One Useless Prick' back 2003. The idea had been with funkcutter for some time, but the invitation to submit work to the Women VJs special at a VJ Culture event hosted by Oli Sorenson gave punkvert the necessary target to 'get her done'.

With Adobe Premiere firmly ensconced on the hard drive punkvert went to work furiously only to find that hard drives seem to melt in July as the 8th August deadline approached.

Luckily the old analogue skills honed from many years in squat parties came into use and the piece was eventually extracted onto a VHS tape and handed to Oli.

The screening in the ICA was a rare old evening although the prospect of answering questions about the 'meaning' of the film baffled punkvert who were mostly white knuckled trying not to snigger. Particularly during the parts where most of the men in the audience made a sharp intake of breath as a penis was ground into a lemon squeezer.

Excerpt from The Beautiful and the Rare

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The Beautiful and the Rare 2010
Erreth Sondabeng produced the Rude Mechanicals album Cyclops and the Wildebeest in the autumn of 2009 after a frenzied recording session at Shed studios in July 2009. Bivalve Productions have brought together a special show about the making of the album and how the Rudes have been affected by fame in the months since the album release in January 2010. Premiered at the Portobello Film Festival 2010

Tuli Kupferberg / Thelma Blitz Punkvert Remix 2009
Ardent fans of Tuli's Perverbs on Youtube, punkvert decided to include some of these words of wisdom in their Portbello Film Festival special event. Eventually punkvert uploaded the mix to archive.org for Thelma and Tuli to see. Thelma broadcasted the mix on PBS in the US for a special Tuli show. Tuli passed over 12th July 2010

402 - 2008 Award winning AV documentary about the relationship between Treatment Rooms artist - Baroness von Reichardt and her pen pal - Texas death row inmate - John Joe Amador otherwise known as Ash. The Baroness flew to Texas in August 2007 to witness Ash's execution. Texan family and friends welcomed artist Nick Reynolds and allowed him to make Ash's death mask hours after his state ordained murder.

Nocioception 2007/8 - by Sobriety Twist. Filmed by Sobriety and funkcutter - edits by funkcutter, original soundtrack composed by Paul Blackwood.

Flush 2008 - made with Fancy Chance, Erreth Sondabeng and Sista Kist. Sound track by The Nylon Bypass.

Tales From the Treatment Rooms - The Luis Ramirez Story - 2006 Award winning AV documentary about the relationship between Treatment Rooms artist - Baroness von Reichardt and her pen pal - Texas death row inmate - Luis Ramirez and the subsequent mosaic ceramic art wall she erected in his honour. 

Strip 333 - 2005 - Art Installation and Animated Film - a lush masonic Drag Striptease shown at Redgate Gallery Loughborough Junction and the Foundry where Mr Blackwood's arse was stolen from it's frame....

One Useless Prick - 2003 - Acid house meets Carry On - a tale of housework and jilted sex toys. Batteries Not Included.


guest appearance

Moments of Bliss - 2014 collaborative performance work with Nigel from Tunnelmental Experimental Assemble and Jason Doghouse of Sicknote - film edited by James Steele