Cos Chapman Can-deluxe

Screenings at Convoy Cabaret

Punkvert Film Selection

Punkvert are curating films during Summer 2019 at the Convoy Cabaret Tent at Bearded Theory May 2019, Convoy Cabaret Naughty Corner June 2019 and Griffstock July 2019.

Films being shown include -

"Dead Celebrities" - Fausti Films

"Apocalypse Rhyme" - Oliver Harrison

"Fear is the Mind Killer" - anarchistwood & Lindsey S

Bomb in a Luggage Rack - Lindsey S

"Helen is a Reptile" - Jemma Freeman & the Cosmic Something / Black Triangle Films

"Sawdust for Brains and the Key of Wisdom" Jo Wonder

You Stare" - Penny Rimbaud & Eve Libertine / JF Whitney

"The Troll Mothers Lullaby" Tropics of Cancer / JF Whitney


Carry On Convoy Punkvert Film Selection

Collaboration with Black Triangle

Several anarchistwood related pop videos were screened Portobello Film Festival this Autumn. Body, (dir. Lynda Boudjeltia & George Pritchard, edit Zoe Rixon 2016);  Bomb in a Luggage Rack (dir. Lindsey S. with anarchistwood 2017); Clowns Anonymous (dir. Lindsey S. & funkcutter 2018) & Fear is the Mind Killer (dir. Lindsey S. & funkcutter 2018.) The big news is that this film won the Music Film Award at Portobello Film Festival 2018. The first review on screening of 28th July 2018 at Subterfuge in Overdrive Studios, Deptford was from David Barlow

"Video was awesome! Aphex Twin meets League of Gentlemen, but weirder. Can’t wait to see it again!!! So Pro (0;"

We most enjoyed the audience reaction. It was a first view for the cast too. Enormous thank yous to our stars Jenny Runacre, Sobriety Twist, Sexton Ming, Peter Kopinski - our intrepid reporter and supplier of the Clown Catchers van, Jan Daniels - who not only performed three roles, but made great special effects and giant heads, Stella Meltdown - Group Leader of Clowns Anonymous, Ella Guru - funkcutter's fearless stunt double, Andrea Pyke, Nik Llawr, Amanda Hull and all the other people who gave up time and space, like Knox & Marie at Rock n Roll Rescue, The Dublin Castle, Overdrive Studios and particularly Ron & Jenny for locations in Kent and Deptford & use of the lovely Lily Mars. Not to forget Steve Teers for use of his DVcamera. Biggest of all thank yous to our very own Black Triangle, film maker Lindsey S. : thee most Premier of Pros and also to Pink Charlotte & Nigel Camp for additional filming, the video editing suites and continued support throughout this project.