BLESSED BE Anniversaries

This weekend are having special screenings of 14 days in May. It follows the finals days of Edward Earl Johnson being executed for a crime he didn't commit. A harrowing tale, all too familiar in the U.S. Catch it here...

Today is also 10 years since the release of Richard Kelly's Southland Tales. anarchistwood would not be the band they are today if it wasn't for this film. It came after Donnie Darko. It's better than Donnie Darko. Fuck Donnie Darko! The first time we saw it, we were munted. We watched Mullholland Drive afterwards to come down. WTF??? After some sleep, we watched it again and laughed more than the first time. Everyone gets it in this tale of the end of days. It is loud and it is funny. Do you bleed, dawg??? Have a nice apocalypse xxx

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