anarchistwood with a Tickly Witch style streaker from cartoonist Sue Burleigh. Original photo by Paula Marek outside All Ages Records, Pratt Street, Camden NW1

If the answer is YES ..... You Are Mad! But read on.

The Bank of Frank has run out of cash, but anarchistwood need to record and release their 7th album. (Albums 5, 6 & 8 will/have be/en written, recorded and released at a different chronal reality.)
We are therefore passing the metaphorical begging bowl around to raise the necessary funds.
Can you lend the band £50, or increments thereof? The money from every album sold will first be used to pay back those who have so kindly financed the project.

Everybody lending money will get an album hot off the press at a discount price
If you would like to part with your hard earned cash, please fill in the form below to apply.


(some of it disappears into the ether!)

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The TPs have landed!

Hey Mofo / Fofos! 

the Test Pressings have arrived, been approved and will be coming out to us THIS SPRING! 

We will have a launch party at the Finnish Church in Rotherhide on a Thursday night in…

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Album Release Slated for February 2022

The word from the Pressing Plant is that our Chiasmata album will appear in a material form in February 2022.

This also means that we will have a launch party in South London when it does - more…

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Recording is Underway 

Thank you to all contributors. We are making great progress recording here at Blank Media Space in grisly South London.

More coming soon....

All Investors to invited to join our choir 

anarchistwood's album funding is ticking along nicely - we have raised £800 towards the costs of the new album and you have helped so much! We thank you for the heart of our bottoms.

An opportunity has arisen for…

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The Money is Gushing In! 

Thank you to all the recent submissions from the people who support across the land.

The account is gradually going up and we have had pledges of an amazing £450 to date.

Our great thanx to you all!

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  • What are your bank details - we will send this to you by email when you apply
  • Who gets their investment back first? it will be returned in order of who pays first gets dosh back first
  • What is the bloody album called anyway? Chiasmata
  • What does that mean? Look it up.
  • I pledged. Why haven't I heard back from you? check your spam for emails from prank-at-punkvert.tv
  • What's this I hear about a choir? yes, all those who invest will be invited to sing on a tune on the album. One we choose tho!

More FAQs to be added as and when they arise