From the recording CHIASMATA

engineered by Bisonx / wemakeyousoundbad at Overdrive Studios 10/04/21


here's a little tale of caution
when you want to go the extra mile
well we've seen you look all cocky now
with your soho boho smile
said you can take anything
throw it down not up
well we've seen you in another light now
you cheeky. little. pup


hey twisted mister - you're a total wreck
with your legs wrapped round your - scrawny little neck
you're face down now - in a plastic bag
just like your dad - just like your dad

bennies, ludes and beans
staggerfactor staggerfactor
rinsing out your spleen
staggerfactor staggerfactor
push start vans
shotgun cans
staggerfactor yeah!

mix it mate - let’s have it all
break the hinges off the door
push the limits - test the best
everyone knows drummers are whores x2
you're hot on the bennies
can you give me any?
oh oh

hey twisted mister
you're a total wreck
you fuckin wreck
and i'm a mess, Murphy

Mid 8
Black Triangle Films got a staggerfactor
Little Sket Tanzi got a staggerfactor
Big Boys here have got a staggerfactor (to the Luka to the Joel)
and Overdrive Studios got a staggerfactor too

you had too many beans - i’ll be your wet dream
staggerfactor - oh oh

hey twisted mister
you're a total wreck
you fuckin' wreck
and your house is a mess

J Mitch Flacko’s got a staggerfactor
This T-Reds got a staggerfactor
My Scarlet Carsen's got a staggerfactor - half goy pussy magnet
and this here Wasp's got a staggerfactor too