Johnny Deluxe, our, dear, dear, dear Johnny, lends us a mote of his glorious talent


I'm not too sure about Mozart, in fact i think he's a lot of guff.
by the time I've heard one of his melodies, I've really had enough.
His widdles and diddles are not really music
but more so exercises of the wrist
of the type of onanastic love where the one lover is not kissed

His frilly poppy shilly shally to me ears soon brings a blister
and i wonder if far better guff sallied out of his more talented sister

But everyone loves Wolfie; he's just so easy to access
And it's rather a spot of jolly luck that he wore trousers and not a dress
However then again he's perfect, when trolling around the shops,
Waiting on hold on the telephone, or repelling thugs from night bus stops.

Though Mozart is one composer whom I truly could adore
If he'd merely written his requiem and satisfied, written nothing more