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  1. Eat the Rich
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Eat the Rich

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words sung by Larry Love written by Larry Love
trills and things by Dusty Limits


Eat the Rich

Paying the mortgage. not too clever
Towing the line. for ever and ever
standing in a queue? well it's up to you
the shit that you eat - you swallow down a treat

the stars are shining
wake up wake up wake up wake up
the sun is rising
wake up wake up wake up wake up
thar's enough gold in them thar hills
for a million to wake up - a billion to wake up
Get up

the train on the track goes clickety clack
you're hanging like meat on a state infused rack
the shows that you view - They're Not True!
and the shit that you eat you gobble down a treat


wake up sleepy head
this ain't no time for sleeping
this ain't no time for dreaming
the time is NOW!

when you bite the bullet i hope your teeth fall out
may the vigilante hunt your dentist down
i hope your jar of beluga caviar be empty
i hope your business fail and your dog goes insane
the cat on the corner is ready to break
and to enter

Marching with the powder - you got a limp dick
and If you lie with the dragon your on the wrong trip
you support an economy that you're too blind to see
just look at the c.i.a. and all the games they play