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dedicated to the performance artist Mouse - written after watching her blow away The Big Chill on a Sunday Night in 2008


Dirty bunny shake your tail
slide around and leave a trail
tweak your nipples
freak your hips
wind and grind
and pout your lips

Get all the lookers
Don't be shy
Let them scream 'hooker!'
Just don't cry

wind them in
tractor beam
now squirt those fuckers in the eye
2, 3, 4

My Mouse! you are so beautiful
My Mouse! feed on their shame
My Mouse!
Housewife's choice
Find your voice find your voice

Dirty bunny find your hole
dig a little deeper and find your soul
flick your foam
on a mobile phone
sphincter tight
bruise it right
sphincter tight
bruise it right
2, 3, 4

Dirty Bunny going home
get away from the screams and moans
slip into white
and wash off the shite
Comforted by your release
you can do just as you please

All you cat callers
Shrunken in your tents
No ballers
Karma's spent.

none of you pussies can beat the mouse

your quiet smile