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Bomb in a Luggage Rack

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different version to that on Grow Your Own Records single release


i am a bomb in the luggage rack
i am a bomb on your vest
i'm a report on a t.v. set
i'm a fixation of the west

she is a girl in medical school
she is the mother of a suspect tool
she's the reporter of a crime
she's the nation that's gonna do time

he's the detector with a spaniel mind
he's confirmed the bad airline
he's the one that's getting vexed
he's the one that's gonna save the west x2

crack open
crack open

you're indignant at apparent threat
you're gonna vote, if you haven't yet
you're a fixation of the west
you're the mind to mess with yeah

we're the chain that must break
cos we're strong for their 'truth' to blind'
but we gotta stake in the oil of that nation
we shatter at miscommunication - yeah
miscommunication - oh no

crack open crack open
you're the plant
with the lapping tongue

you're future that's gonna come

i am a bomb in the luggage rack
i am a rock that's known as crack
i am a knife in the belly of a child
and i am the fear that you hide inside

crack open crack open