• Agents of the Lexicon + + + Longtime clown compadres of anarchistwood, AOTL head honchos Honk n Screech were going nowhere fast, playing the dive bar circuit on the edge of a wormhole in the outer Scrab Nebula, when this cat stepped forward, calling himself Double Microwave. "I got some beats for you clowns" he growled, and threw 'em a melted mix tape.. https://agentsofthelexicon.bandcamp.com/
      • anarchistwood + + + anarchistwood defy description. Live they are a prank rock theatrical experience with face paint, costumes and props creating an assault on the senses. On record they are way beyond the average punk rock and anarcho punk boundaries. In this way I think they do a great job of reinvigorating the “be yourself and be different” ethos of early punk rock. punkvert.tv/anarchistwood
      • plinkplonk meowmeowmeow live noise - loops - experimental joy from Marina (SPEW / Rude Mechanicals / anarchistwood)

visuals from Black Triangle Films https://blacktrianglefilms.com/

art from punkvert