invitation_ candiflp's apocalypse birthday

Please feel free to join the labiatory FRIDAY 10th APRIL 20:23 BST. via binary excursion ( for 48 tunes selected from the house of anarchistwood - one for each sun cycle, plus one for luck.

Whilst personally forever regretting a past of hubris and atrocity, I understand my place. For my part in the universe of unhappiness, sincerest apologies. sumimasen. mea culpa. ad astra per aspera.

It looks as if the lotus unfolds - in the long term  - for the better. I pray for all to acheive health and happiness  I pray for fear to leave and if I need to do more, then come a'hollering. Here for service. Funkadelic said EVERYBODY goinna make it this time and I'm a believer, right?
Keep safe and extra shout to the Lepke and all other April 10ers
Beannaithe be, terranauts xxxxxxxx


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