Violent Mood Swingers


a collection of various music projects compiled as one continous mix. the second audio album from punkvert.

Run time 59:19 Notes

1.control z! control z!- cheap 2.control z! Control z!- let's dine 3.control z! Control z!- Discrepancies 4.maelific jester- (me)meme 5.maelific jester- nicky pin 6.anarchistwood- ponygrrrl! feat. gob$au$age 7.hoffman amok- all over my face 8.maelific jester- flyin' bent 9.maelific jester- the baroness 10.anarchistwood- gogo (instrumental version) 11.camorra- hostile makeover bid feat. burnadebt lucking (blackwood and hebtone demo version) 12.hoffman amok- mark it down 13.maelific jester- as mr tupper says

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