From the recording Stripped Bare Naked

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Fight War Not Wars

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Written by Peter Coomber & Jeremy Ratter
Written and performed by Stephen Brunton
with voices from ...
Karen, Harry & James Brunton, Arup Gosh, Simon Rumball, Andy Woodstock, Molde & Jaxx, Ana Grovatort, Lester Rouge, Jason & Ann Saunders, Scarlet Carson, funkcutter, flipped, Emily Flea, Baz Deadhaven, Micheal Rees, Ky Fawkes, Dan Ball, Ray Cordell, Paul Readman, Darren Coles, Paul & Sara Browne, Gary Lammin, David Himbury, Womble Mills, Rahman the Writer, Simon Balach, Stanley Trnebath, Issac Hayes, Martin Oslow, Rick & Ruby Pistol, Russel Perkins, Endele Wilson, Gary Walker, Antony Matthews.

Recorded and mixed by Paul Newman at Ant Farm Studios Essex
A big Thank You to Penny Rimbaud for his blessing