Spring Subterfuge

Overdrive Studios, 6-7 Resolution Way, Deptford SE8 4NT

Subterfuge rolls into 2019 with a hugely exciting line up. Details to follow, but expect to wet your knickers!!

Live Bands ☆☆☆ The Crippens☆☆☆ Care in the community? Nah, it’s the reincarnation of Doctor and the Crippens. ☆☆☆ anarchistwood ☆☆☆ Your favourite prank rock band, bringing thrills, spills and fun freakery to the welcoming stage of Overdrive.

☆☆☆ Dangerous Dinky and the Dirty South Sarf London's finest, crooning tunes of love, peace good vibes and a few home troooths to knock you sideways. https://dogtunnelrecords.bandcamp.com/album/by-dangerous-dinky-aka-dirty-south

☆☆☆ Dogshite Dogshite formed because they wanted to have a laugh and to make music to equal to that of their heroes of old, bands like obscurist indie types the Shapes and Kleenex, mixed with the sound, energy, and political nihilism of classic punk bands like X-Ray Spex, the Slits and Anarcho legends Crass. Not only that, they also wanted to be in a band that actually had something to play for, that weren’t just an insipid excuse for lounge-rock/ vacuous posturing/ sub-rebellious MTV nonsense BECAUSE where are the youth of today when you need them? Aspiring to be in bands that sound like they were manufactured in a hair salon it seems... https://carnivalpunks.bandcamp.com/track/violence-is-your-creed DJ Miss Pink Punkvert VJs / Black Triangle Films