Matinee Show at The Dublin Castle

Dublin Castle, 94 Parkway, Camden NW1 7AN

Personality Crisis + Flesh Tetris

Personality Crisis - high energy Rock and Roll & Punk Rock originals/classics from the sainted 1970s. Stooges, Damned, Dead Boys, Saints, Heartbreakers, Sex Pistols, Dictators, Buzzcocks, Devo, Dead Kennedys and it with refreshingly hefty amounts of chutzpah too...with a great attitude. Loose, louche and loveable.

Flesh Tetris - the singular and superb space punk and scifi psychedelicists... Turn on, Login, Drop out...sounds good to me. An exciting fascination with murder cults and bunny rabbits, their freaky social commentary informed techy artpop is highly infectious. An arousing blend of crazed vocalese, brain burrowing bleeps, pulverizing drum onslaughts and bass led murderization. A must see band.

£8 door/£6 adv

£6 ADV / £8 OTD