Post Yule Party for We Dispossessed Punks, Misfits, Dancers, Inbetweenies and Pranksters

Dublin Castle, 94 Parkway, Camden NW1 7AN

Omega Tribe - the sassiest of sassy anarcho punk pop bands fromed in 1981 and revitalized since 2016...produced by Penny Rimbaud and feted for their kicking melodic pizzazz their LP, No Love Lost is something of a lost punk classic, so find one! And find them here in the bubblin' troublin' Dublin all their glory tonight.

anarchistwood - Taking conceptual punk pranksterism cabaret to new highs, new lows, the renounced Maciej Zurows (Melodie&Rhythmus) put it thus… “as if the (hyped) 1977 music industry event known as ‘punk’ hadn’t taken place”, imagining instead an “alternative history where the anarchic proto punk from Cleveland and Detroit seamlessly led into No Wave, Post Punk and Industrial and is still happily evolving” Fabulously challenging but accessible punk pop attack fronted by the enigmatic and unstoppable Frank Cutter, for fans of Destroy All Monsters, Bikini Kill, Teenage Jesus, X Ray Spex...

Swaraj Chronos - melodic noise and social commentary are their chief weapons, but nobody expects the Swaraj inquisition, although they do. Here they be. As fabulous a bunch of groovy misfits as you could wish for.

£8 in adv. £10 OTD