Twelfth Night - or - What you Voted For

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Join us for a live streamed performance of “Twelfth Night or What You Voted For” on twelfth night (5th Jan) and the following night (6th Jan.)

Separated by a shipwreck and alone in a strange land, twin immigrants struggle to negotiate the politics of love, longing and yellow cross-gartered leggings. This Shakespearian classic is set by Roar Material in Bwegzityria. It is an island where wise fools and servants find ways to demonstrate to some of their most pompous nobleman that it is “better a witty fool, than a foolish wit”. From their living rooms, a cast of the best actors in the business bring the truth and beauty of Shakespeare’s words direct to your support bubble.

So grab a flagon of rum and join us on the closing nights of Christmas. Let’s come together at the end of this shipwrecked year. What better way could there be to end a Christmas and to start a year in Bwegzityria.

It’s free to attend but you are welcome to make a donation to be divided between the hard-up cast and crew.

Free / Donation