Spring Subterfuge 2020

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Overdrive Studios, 6-7 Resolution Way, Deptford SE8 4NT

another spring ... another subterfuge back at the ranch - Overdrive Studios Deptford with some super music -

+++ ARMY of SKANKS A dynamic three piece, Carol ‘Captain Chaos’ Lane, Wendy ‘X’ Seenan and Terry ‘Whippet’ Downes, delivering a set of original material with our unwavering, life long, punk rock ethos and DIY attitude to everything we do, except with more than three chords :) with two released albums and a 4 track ep in our back catalogue and have just released our 3rd new album! THE PERFECT STORM on CD and available through our bandcamp page. https://www.armyofskanks1.bandcamp.com

+++BLANK MILK+++ Industrial-Rant-Rave...music for no-one Think of every bad break-up you've ever had, slap those thoughts into music, and jump-shout & party on the debris...and forget about them and their blank milk. Break-ups are the new weekend! https://www.facebook.com/blankmilk/

+++ ??? +++

+++ anarchistwood+++ "anarchistwood aren’t a screeching anti everything band, they take that hippy/punk union of subversive chaotic love and peace and ally it to a musically proficient and tight sound that can veer between out and out punk to a Gang of Four funk or a Zappa style shift of rhythm. Add to this a clever use of sound bites and vocals that switch between anger and beauty, and you have a whole record that is bigger than its parts." Mark Ray https://punkvert.tv/anarchistwood

plus +++punkvert VJs+++

+++Black Triangle Films+++ 18+

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