St Valenstein's Day Massacre Weekender Part One

The Yorkshire House, 2 Parliament Street, Lancaster LA1 1DB

+++THE CRIPPENS+++ The 21st century’s re-incarnation of late 80s UKHC punk legends DOCTOR AND THE CRIPPENS!

With their grotesque on-stage antics the band has been astounding fans old and new at shows up and down the country over the past few years with a mix of Dr and the Crippens classics and red-blooded new songs. Boss Tunage

+++ANARCHISTWOOD+++ “What the fuck is this? Weirdo hippie anarchist art punk from the UK, like a psychotic mix of Crass, Gang of Four, and Frank Zappa - weird squeaks and bleeps, manic time signatures, and a garbled strange message. The pictures online of the main guy plus supporting band has them all dressed up in costumes with him wriggling and writing into the crowd. This is the sound and vision of my absolute worst nightmare. You know when the CIA use torture, they blast high pitched sounds to confuse the detainees? Well, if they used this, I'd sing like a fucking canary. Un-fucking believably terrible.” - Tim Brooks' review of The Nasty Album, Razorcake (Aug 01, 2017)

+++T-BITCH+++ Who the hell are T-Bitch?

“The best and the worst band I have ever seen”

T-Bitch are trans, queer, straight and glam. T-Bitch are anti-patriarchy. T-Bitch mean business. In times where society seems to be increasingly divided, through their own flavour of hook-filled punk-glam cabaret, T-Bitch aspires to bring people together in celebration of our differences. T-Bitch are renowned for their ridiculously over-the-top live shows which have previously included fire juggling, dead nuns, coffin bearing, confetti cannons and of course dressing up. T-Bitch are a collective of passionate musicians, something you have never witnessed before. No show is the same. Do yourself a favour, get yourself to a gig, dress up, BE NICE and be pretty!

+++SLUG BUTTER+++ Slug Butter are a four-piece post-industrial revolution punk rock band, the 'sound of Accrington' playing original punk rock songs with scrap metal and Ministry.Of.Defence influences.