Winter Subterfuge 2019

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Overdrive Studios, 6-7 Resolution Way, Deptford SE8 4NT

Music and dancing and debauchery with:

Pussycat and the Dirty Johnsons We are super excited to bring these cats down to Overdrive Studios. We go back yonks, to when they were merely the Johnsons and then they got a whole lotta dirty! The formidable Pussycat is renowned for prowling the audience, whilst the adreneline fueled dirty Johnson boys pound out infectious dirty rock n roll. One of the UK's most incendiary bands are sure to fire up our Subterfuge party at Overdrive this winter.

MAD DOG COLLECTIVE We are a pikey punk ska band,sometimes controversial,sometimes off key but always up for it!! We are a ragtag collective of misfits n rebels fighting against the corrupt system and supporting oppressed people everywhere. Bless 23 23. x

T-BITCH “The best and the worst band I have ever seen”

T-Bitch are trans, queer, straight and glam. T-Bitch are anti-patriarchy. T-Bitch mean business. In times where society seems to be increasingly divided, through their own flavour of hook-filled punk-glam cabaret, T-Bitch aspires to bring people together in celebration of our differences. T-Bitch are renowned for their ridiculously over-the-top live shows which have previously included fire juggling, dead nuns, coffin bearing, confetti cannons and of course dressing up. T-Bitch are a collective of passionate musicians, something you have never witnessed before. No show is the same. Do yourself a favour, get yourself to a gig, dress up, BE NICE and be pretty!

anarchistwood "anarchistwood aren’t a screeching anti everything band, they take that hippy/punk union of subversive chaotic love and peace and ally it to a musically proficient and tight sound that can veer between out and out punk to a Gang of Four funk or a Zappa style shift of rhythm. Add to this a clever use of sound bites and vocals that switch between anger and beauty, and you have a whole record that is bigger than its parts."

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