triple ace and the world...

A most wonderful handfasting anniversary has been had, er, by myself. The funkcutter has been getting over all the Bells Palsy, which means I had to take friends and family instead on my rock n roll adventure Pride week. Thanks for the laughs Jeffwad and Joko. Next Solstice, funk, yr arse is mine.

First, the best anniversary present in our 12 years together, to date...

Buy one -  100 % artist and label profit to said charity. Bonus limited edition prints to the highest donation each month throughout the rest of 2015ce. More on that over the next few weeks.

The rest of the week was followed by Radio Birdman last Tuesday and Primus on Thursday. If you don't know either, we reccomend. They were both bands I never thought I'd see. Wonderful stuff.

Now to fly the freak flag and celebrate QUEER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! happy pride, folks :) xxx

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