to Optical Bedlam. The first show was broadcast on Sunday 4th September 2016c.e. and was reet fun to do. Next show Sunday 9th October 2016c.e.with special guest Knox of The Vibrators / Rock n Roll Rescue charity shop (Camden, London).

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Never whistle while yr pissing...xx

Tracklist for Sunday  04/09/16c.e.

"batter house" The Cravats, Overground Records

"african mayonaise" Christeene Vale, self-released kickstarter campaign. well done, grrrl! x

"deadtown" (reprise) Bug Central, Stop Thief! Records
"an insufficent apology" All Leather, Three One G Records
"heartbreaker" The Fleas, Grow Your Own Records
"running scared" Johnny Moped, Damaged Goods
"deadtown" (reprise) Bug Central, Stop Thief! Records 

"rub" Peaches, I U She Music
"plasterer" Wonk Unit, Ex Gratia Recordings
"sex weirdos" Cocaine Piss, Hypertension Records
"treading water" Petrol Girls, Bomber Records
"city lights" Black Sheep, Mercury

"simulacra" Paper Mice, Three One G 
"hot air" Paper Mice, Three One G
guest tune slection...artist: Maanam

"putting on the ritz" Young Frankenstien OST



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