Demon Kills

Demon Kills 

To all the spirits that fight the Demons… 
Some try at times to control our minds. 

So captured, netted, fiends tight within. 
You could cut loose with gak, the djinn. 
Let’s wake them, Jackalope, and Jill. 
Time to climb that fiery hill. 
Upon the summit, survey rich lands. 
Your mind is freed by godly hands. 

Let out this pain, in skies they’re soaring. 
Heartaches that grip with murderous clawing. 
Kishi powers up, falchion majestic 
Throttling Chiron, iconoclastic 
Racing, raging, malign camorra 
You won’t see that sweet tomorra’ 

Draw back Bard’s arrow: truth’s glinting light. 
Pierce devilish flesh, with all your might. 
Rip tendons, feathers, scales and horn. 
Down damnation that’s of you born. 
’Til shreds of twisted ness fly free 
and scatter, scatter harmlessly. 

Now skip sable down that happy hill. 
Tuck in Jack, sweet dreams to Jill. 
Sandman frees you, on apex stills. 
Bask in heat of demon kills. 
Stretch and yawn and bid “Good day!” 
To our fair kin that pass this way. 

Magnanimous, thou art the King and Eye! 
Controls Heiðrún you sit astride 
Watch Gargoyles, Griffins, and Cerberus 
Now die down, with little fuss. 
Calm and tender godhead glowing 
Love, clarity Almighty knowing. 

….The breeze rises and shreds fly free…. 

Pray heed this word and heed it well 
‘fore you awake in Bloody Hell 
The Phoenix rises once cares you squander 
Gardyloo Demons to greet you, yonder….

first broadcast on Johny Brown's BAD PUNK radio show on Resonance FM 14/09/18

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