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The Luis Ramirez Story  
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Justice for Luis?

63 min AV Documentary  
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Luis Ramirez's case is quite a complicated one. Some comments made on the roughcut version of the film 'Tales from the Treatment Rooms - The Luis Ramirez Story' by Punkvert and The Treatment Rooms are that the viewers do not understand what Luis was supposed to have done and why he should have been innocent. The makers of the film also found this very complicated and for this reason kept explanations brief. To understand the whole story, another film on Luis's court case, the US Justice System and the effect race and poverty have on this (in)justice would have had to be made.

Punkvert, the makers of the film, decided to keep to the original focus - that of the relationship between artist Carrie Reichardt and Luis and the subsequent art piece - the Luis Ramirez memorial wall - situated in Chiswick, London and it's unveiling on 18th June 2006 by Luis' family.

To assist viewers answer question they might have about the legal issues of innocence or guilt, some links have been listed opposite:-
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Film director Emma Blackwood, producers Punkvert ,The Treatment Rooms, artists, family and people associated with Luis are of the opinion that whether guilty or not, the Death Penalty is an inhumane sentence and should never be employed.

It's a weak nation that finds it appropriate to execute its own citizens to uphold moral.
Lars von Trier, Danish film director


A first cut screening of the film was screened at the Portobello Film Festival in August 2006, and a further screening at the Human Approach- a Death Row event in Brixton in October 2006. Since this time, a final edit of the film was completed on Valentine's Day 2007. Copies of the DVD are available - contact punkvert for more information.

for more information about the Luis Ramirez Wall email Baroness von Reichardt

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