Ex Gratia Recordings is the brainchild of Emma and Paul Blackwood AKA Punkvert. It's a family business done for the love of music in the tradition of doing it for yrself. It also keeps us out of trouble. The label was started in 2008 to release "Blessed are the cracked, for they let in the light" the debut LP by prank rockers – anarchistwood. An accompanying 7" single by Rude Mechanicals EXGRATIA/RUDE MECHANICALS "Irritating Fly" was also released at the same time. Rather share glory than covet it.

Ex Gratia has been influenced by the predominantly punk record labels of the 1970/80's such as Alternative Tentacles, SST, Crass and Bluurg and sells its releases through gigs, this site and a small selection of independent record shops across the UK.

Sexton Ming exhibition & live performance THIS Friday 3 October in Deptford

No - that is his foot - not a Dummies. Dummie. Sexton is making a pilgrimage to London to play at the Deptford hang out The Bird's Nest on Friday 3rd October . He has a show there running from 3rd October - 26th November in the Undercurrents Gallery with Daniel Roch for a RARE chance to see Sexton in Person in London!!


Live music - new collaborative project 'Crafty'. Sexton teams up with Tom Bartlett of 'House of Fix'. An experiment in the endurance of the human body to certain frequencies.

Doors open 7 pm, gig at 9 pm sharp.

And not only that - there are newly bagged up limited edition cassettes from Sexton Ming now available around the corner at Vinyl - with a piece of art and a large jiffy bag to put your hair clips in too.....

sexton ming foot backwards

Ex Gratia Recordings to be included in The British Library Archives

No - that is actually true... despite Prank Rock and all that shennanigans this story is bonafide 100% gold stamped real. Ex Gratia Recordings have been asked to contribute their work to the British Library Sound Archive ,formerly the National Sound Archive and be part of the Sound and Moving Image Archive. Naturually we are chuffed to bits that the likes of Miss Roberts & Rude Mechanicals, Handsum Pete, Sexton Ming, anarchistwood, Wonk Unit and Jesus Hooligan and all the other people who have appeared on our compilations work since 2008 will be represented in history of the music of our time - The late Noughties and beyond! Rejoice! and buy a piece of history right now so we can make some more wild recordings to pass down to future generations!

New Sexton Ming music available for download on Ex Gratia Bandcamp - That's right folks, another selection of Ming Music on it's way out to the masses... starting with " Screams cannot penertraite (sic) lead - The " All things have sentience" tapes" Sexton is back on form with some delectable siren enticing grooves. More to follow from the All things Have Sentience Tapes
jesus JESUS HOOLIGAN - new material to download via Ex Gratia Recordings - from barrell bashers extraordinare. go to the shop to download the new FEEL EP and make the most of hitting big things very hard to whisk away your daily grind.
consisting of ...Steve Brunton - Lead vocals, Barrell, Bodhran, Gas cannister. Jason Sanders - Slide Guitar, Barrell, Backing vocals. Dave Croughan - Didgeridoo, Barrell, Gas cannister. Adam Smith - Barrell, Backing vocals. Lester Rouge - Barrell, Exaust pipe. Arup - Drums. Paul Geddes - Barrell, Backing vocals. Rick Pistol - Darbuka, Exaust pipe. Jan - Djembe Rhys - Barrell

Sexton Ming - New Vinyl Album available now!
It's been a lonely three years for the cult of Sexton Ming. Whilst devotees waited patiently in the shadows for the next collection of psalms from their beloved pariah, the United Kingdom has fallen deeper into the clutches of malefic deceivers and empirical assholes. Ming spent his time wisely, capturing the message in audio-format, avoiding the clever dicks, moving mountain and molehill alike, all whilst battling with the demons of negativity. The journey marks our biker sage leaving London for greener pastures. The parting gift to the proletariat? A potent collection of ear candy to help us all find the essence of our libertarian redemption. After careful philosophical and spiritual consideration, a brush up with some rather dashing silver nail polish, experiments with 'witchypoo' and a run in with a dodgy fuck from Merseyside using the name “Luther Blisset”, Ming decided it is high-time to turn on our mojo, tune into Len and listen carefully... True psyche ain't dead, the seas of change will crash down upon the magnates of greed and their administrators of credit-card doom are for the high jump into a rancid, bottomless pit. Retribution and an antidote to Generation Apathetic is here. We urge to you to partake in the ritual of Ming and decipher this fifteen piece smorgasbord of outsider revelation. For you will find some comfort from the austere affliction bestowed upon yr soul, when you learn how to Protect and Survive. Don't think 1984 any more, think 2084! For the freaks shall inherit the Earth. This latest transmission from Ex Gratia Recordings comes in memetic virus download and sacred vinyl picture disc format, limited to supply 300 Mingers.

Excellent review of Sexton's album on Fungal Punk by Gary "EAGLE SPITS " Eagling

sexton ming on exg
overseas postage added
(please! or at least get them to tell us something interesting) The great seer has also hand-painted a few slabs of wax available exclusively to punkvert Oooh!.
anarchistwood are still working on their third studio album. Working title seems to be THE NASTY ALBUM (after a deep discussion with Zali Krishna in between-the-festival-dates Noise gig in East London) Since Erreth died in the post apocalyptic chaos of 2012 they are using the intermediate services of Mada Nomdak for mixing which at this point seems that a flowering of wood in bloom may grace universal ears one day

that clever LIGHTHEART PICTURES guy David Blair has made another video... this time with the help of sorceror's apprentice Joel Rosenberg...

WONK UNIT single out on Ex Gratia Recordings....


Ex Gratia spotted the highly addictive Wonk Unit at the Fox and Firkin last summer and were so impressed that we wanted to get them out to YOU the PUBLIC on tha old fashioned medium known as VINYL. There was no alternative really... once WONK you'll never go WRONG (K) or something like that. Pwosion and his Aquatic Knowledge is now available on vinyl from our SHOP or direct from WONK UNIT as a digital download from iTunes...

anarchistwood have pressed their second album. A long and treacherous process with many deep bogs being fallen in and mountains scaled, this troupe of noise addicted freaks have finally completed the majority of their recordings under the careful hand of Stuart Crossland at ArtSpace Studios Brixton.
Guest artists include Larry Love of Alabama 3, Dusty Limits, Johnny Fistfuck Deluxe, Plinth's Emmet O' Riabhaigh and Tomas Antona vocalist of Alice Donut. Mixed by Erreth Sondabeng, mastered by Kramer and cut by Max Quirk at Only Vinyl in Cricklewood. To order your vinyl copy, go to our shop.

The Beautiful and the Rare

Film about the making of Rude Mechanicals vinyl album - Cyclops and the Wildebeest was premiered at the Portobello Film Festival 09.09.10 with performance from Rudes after the screening .

Next screening date at Rude Mechanicals Gala Night on 23rd October @ The Others Stoke Newington...Full line up on our listings page....

The album is limited to 300 vinyl copies with the first 50 having unique designs and giclee printed covers Buy your copy here!


12” vinyl / 33.3rpm / full colour artwork / 500 copies / EXGr8 LP3 - Release Date 21.11.08

Batrider, Ten City Nation, Doomed Bird of Providence, Flaming Fire,
A-Line, Handsum Pete

Chenko, Rude Mechanicals, The Electric Brains, anarchistwood,
Distant Neighbor

available on vinyl and mp3 download

Handsum Pete

"Church of the Handsum Pete"

church of the handsome pete

mp3 download album EXGr8 LP2 - 10.09.08

Long awaited album brought to you by performance soloist - Handsum Pete. Wedding dresses and maracas on the winkie aside, Pete brings melodies and melodrama in fabulous proportions. Both horrendously sticky and uncomfortably addictive you will be joining up with the 'Church' once you get your ramshackle arse out of the gutter and speed to the nearest offie for something to raise your spirits. It's a Rum Doo after all.


"No. 36/Door"

7” vinyl / 45rpm / full colour artwork / 500 copies / EXGr8 7.2 - 10.09.08

A single! how spiffing... anarchistwood managed to get Mike 'da Bone' Blackwood down on vinyl before he headed back to Arizona mid 2008. Number 36 will have you pegging your washing out with a glint in your eye from now on and suddenly drudgery can be fun...

flip side Door was written with John Joe "Ash" Amador in mind and features on the soundtrack of new punkvert film - 402 - about the last days of Ash's life and the journey UK artists had with him and his friends and family in Texas. Ash was executed by the state of Texas 29th August 2007.

Rude Mechanicals

body fluid etiquettte

Ex- Gratia Recordings releases April 2008...

Rude Mechanicals

"The Devil Wants To Be / Irritating Fly"

7” vinyl / 45rpm / full colour artwork / 500 copies / EXGr8 7.1 04/04/08

A pan-Dimensional Creature manifesting itself in your reality as an Absurd Rock Band consisting of Miss Roberts and her symbiotic slaves. In March 2001, after a performance of her surreal and absurd poetry, Miss Roberts joined with Guy Avern and Cos Chapman (Savage Earthworm Collective) and together formed the band. The performances are very theatrical and include such things as lessons in toe sucking, the mythology of Derek: the man who lives in the loft, and instructions on DIY flying.


"Blessed are the Cracked for They Let in the Light"

12” double vinyl / 33.3rpm / full colour artwork / 333 copies / EXGr8 LP 04/04/08

The flagship band for Ex Gratia, have been together since mid 2006. Early vocal contributions from the notorious gob$au$age's Mark and Susie led to dirty versions of Vagrant that can be heard on the album. Andro Ortiz added percussion to the early 'Wood line up and drums on several tracks on 'Blessed'. Singer/songwriter Marianne Hyatt added a melodic entity to the 'Wood between July 06 and March 08, much of which can be heard on the debut double album.

Hannas Barber



12” vinyl / 33.3rpm / full colour artwork / 500 copies / IAO 01
Hannas Barber perpetuate their 9 bar blues shtick with ‘Don’t Buy The Sun’, an EP of intricately structured melodic electronica. From the live jam intro of ‘Possibly …self-inflicted’ to the heavily re-worked final track ‘Fatal Exception’ this record refuses to be pinned down instead taking the listener through a space generating soundscape. What with space being at a premium these days we hope you can find some in these grooves…