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collage by punkvert - original photos Tanzi Rosenberg
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When's the next Gig?
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28th September anarchistwood perform at the Something Different Festival, Gillett Square, Dalston 2-6pm - free
anarchistwood at somthing different
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11th October Zombina & The Skeletones & anarchistwood at World Zombie Day Afterparty at The 100 Club, LONDON Limited Tickets £7
world zombie day
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22nd November NINE YEARS OF anarchistwood with special guest PLUS most wonderful The Flesh Happening - at The Others LONDON
anarchistwood 9 years adversity party
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maciej wasilewski
anarchistwood photo by MACIEJ WASILEWSKI at The 12 Bar February 2014
chris sepulcre anarchistwood

anarchistwood photo by Chris Sepulchre at The 12 Bar August 2014

by David McKnight
photo by David McKnight - more pictures on his website - at The Tin 2014
Doctor M
Doctor M on Drumps - photo by Chris Sepulchre at The 12 Bar August 2014
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video shot by giacomo cannata at The 12 Bar for the second FFR UK

visitation to enfield - day of the dead 2013 from funkcutter on Vimeo.

anarchistwood at asylum mash up from funkcutter on Vimeo.

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What People Have Said...

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Psycho-delic-anarchist-techno-velvet-stomp - artist Calum F Kerr November 2013
on listening to Situationist Normal... "Among abstract gutar riffs that range from punk rock to psychobilly there is a voice sometimes yelling, sometimes mourning, and sometimes speaking words of political wisdom. If you finally make it to get through the whole playlist you will then realize why bands like anarchistwood are potentionally dangerous for the music industry." TRIBE4MIAN June 2013
"interesting" Gaye Advert - 12 Bar February 2013
"stop taking drugs" - some punk at the 12 Bar February 2013
The best of several pretty good bands at a feminist riot grrl night (although I also liked Skinny Girl Diet, not least their amazing screaming). But Anarchistwood: quite a rocky take on punk 'n' roll. Very energetic vocals from a sort of mutant clown-woman who was one part comedy MC, one part political ranter. Best use of politics at a gig for some time in my book.Anarchistwood - Taylor Johns, Coventry, 13 October - part of Niluccio's 20 Best Gigs of 2012
Anarchistwood's arrest warrant Holding up posters that say "ICC Arrest Warrant" alongside pictures of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad is not typical rock band behaviour. Then again, Anarchistwood are not your typical rock band. Stop clowning around! Watch Anarchistwood, listen to Corelli ... Niluccio aka Neil Durkin - video link on his site
Anarchistwood assaulted us with crimson toned gypsy post punk. The highlight of the set being where the band went political and spoke out against the situation in Syria, brandishing pictures of the countries leader with the words “Arrest warrant” underneath. - Lyric Lounge Review of wood supporting hot favourites Wrapped in Plastic in Birmingham July 2012

"anarchistwood, yay! Lovely wee punky gigstuff in the tiny basement that is London's most famous music venue (apparently), the Hope and Anchor. Sometimes I am disappointed by the lack of politics in music, but this band restore my faith, what with the shout-out to the brothers and sisters in Syria, the guitarist proclaiming Assad's cuntiness and the bass player's sticker in support of Bradley Manning and Democracy Now! t-shirt, along with the general awareness of the band's material. So, yay for anarchistwood again, long make they rock!"....Punk's not dead, it just needs a bloody good kick up the arse. And you guys have got yer boots on. - Steve Coola ColaKid at Punk Club 06.04.12

"that tune sounds like what's wrong with the clutch on my car"- Marina 'Pussy Dead Leg' Young, whilst learning a new wood track in November 2011
'The Sisters of the Daughters of the Mothers of Invention' - Rolf Harris look-a-like at Tigers gig June 2011

"you look like, in the nicest kind of way, you don't give a fuck" - observer in Brighton April 2011

"i don't remember it that well. i just remember a lot of nudity and a hospitalisation and finding what I heard of your band very interesting. but i couldn't remember what you were called .... so now i'm listening to your stuff. very wierd and cool. it sort of makes me think what would it be like if amanda palmer took acid and joined a grunge band... ... and the answer is anarchistwood"
Dan Daydream - after seeing the 'wood in Birmingham with Wrapped in Plastic 16.04.11

They create a post-punk sound of their own with a creative song structure, the singer beginning one song with a short rap, and in another falling into something close to opera singing. Imagine if The Slits had existed in our time and founded The 80s Matchbox B-Line Disaster and teamed up with Amanda Palmer of The Dresden Dolls. Then you'd have something similar to Anarchistwood.
Ellen Melin on Anarchistwood★★★★, January 2011

Sleaze Rock? White comical dance rock punk? - various associates of Savage Rehab August 2010

you look fucking great - you sound fucking awful!- Kunt and the Gang fan July 2010

Last night was awesome, thanks so much, we grinned like bastards for the whole set. nice touch the drummer humping my leg like a dog at the end. if only every band were so friendly Spoon - The Monkeyball Experiment May 2010

When it comes to raising the roof, Anarchistwood like to turn up the heat a notch and burn the whole goddamned house to the ground. Previous comparisons to The Butthole Surfers and The Jesus Lizard just don’t do this mighty troupe justice. Personally I’m thinking the New York Dolls vs. GG Allin (sans faecal projectiles). Had the stage not being at floor level then we might have faced a mosh pit of disaster zone proportions (yes, really).
Peter Makinde - Hackney Hive 17.04.10

Can punk music be established.... ? Jan Maat NO:ID February 2010

Like the Cramps with Patti Smith - Brady from Legendary DNA Cowboys / London SS IOTG 31.01.09

Swampy Melvins - Sean Organ January 2009

Butthole Surfers with Patti Smith and Crass - Organ Magazine 10.09.08

So good I was afraid to listen to the end - an ex-member February 2008

Who are anarchistwood?
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Candiflip Blackwood - guitar, bass, vocals, noise, breakages and losses
Sista Kist - vox, grinding, pegs
S.K.E.T. Now! - VJ Tech and Surgical Support
CJ - bass and vox
Doctor M - drumps
Ethyl Klooride - strings


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KodeK (VJ) - is dead- film maker extraordinaire
Mikey da Bone Blackwood, although he's back in the USSA right now
SPAGHETTI KNICKERS - big big bangs December 1013 - June 2014
Roy Boy Toy - guitar, baglama September 2013 - May 2014
Josh Moreton - drums April 2014
PIMPOMIDIUS REX - drums September 2012 - September 2013
CHAIRMAN YO - bass and space Feb - May 2013
ClemNZ Blackwood - bass April 2007 - September 2012
Sheila Stocking - drums Sep 2011 - Aug 2012
STUPID & EVIL - drums and witty commentary for August 2011 and beyond - we loves the rillettes lovin rotter!
Jack Hancock - guitar, vocals and beefcake July - August 2011
Thee Acid Panda - drums, strap-ons and chocolate sauce July 2009 - September 2011
Tomas Antona vocals + lyrics on 'Typical Henry' from 'Situationist Normal...' 2011
Dusty Limits backing vocals, trills and conversation on 'Situationist Normal...' 2011
Larry Love vocals and lyrics on 'Eat the Rich' from 'Situationist Normal...' 2011
Marina Young / Pussy Golightly One-leg- bass bird fill in - she's a proper geezer! thanx! Jan/Feb 2011
Horrordactyl - guitar - April 10 - July 10
Rockin Gerry - drums, swamp - Jan 09 - July 09
Woody 'Bully Bash' Harper - Drums - Oct 07 - Dec 08 + a special return in August 2009 come again ski!
Stan Mytowski vocals + lyrics on 'Rollercoaster (fuck up)' 2008 + Red, Some People 2009
Adreenalize - Guitar - May 08 - July 08
Sista Dubba Bubba - Vocals July 06 - April 08
Handsome Pete backing band since 2008 + recording of 'JoJo' on 'Blessed...' 2008
Mustafio - 'You Stink' track on "Blessed..."
Dusty Limits outro on 'Blessed...' 2008
Harpo Strange Love and Devlin Love on 'Hostile Girl' on 'Blessed...' 2008
Scott Panetti - lyrics for 'Murderman' 2007
Mark and Sue Gob$au$age - vocals 2005 - 'Vagrant' on 'Blessed...' 2008
Pedro Anna Ortiz - Drums / Percussion - April 06 - Sep 07
Redgate 72 - Guitar and noise August 06 - April 07
The Wonderful Arthur - Bass July 06 - April 07
Handum Pete - Bass, noises May 06 - July 06
Devillia de Dallas embryonic Wood backing band for Burly Q 2006 - 7

calum f kerr anarchistwoode
photo by Mitchell Denney at The Tin, Coventry august 2014
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